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Top Secret – 4 ottobre 2023

Repubblica – 10 novembre 2023

Logistics has never been easier.

A logistics network serving of partners and customers, driven by a model that aims to innovate the way we transport goods. Recounting Tec Cargo Italy speaks with CEO CEO and founding partner Massimo Mazzantini: “The company was founded in late 2015 and has been operating since 2016, initially in air exports, mostly to China, of goods related to fashion and textiles. Over time we expanded the geographical area, then in 2020 came the turning point with the addition of the Michael Cagnoni’s know-how on transportation by sea.” He continues: “Today we work all over the world, handling goods door to door on behalf of importers and exporters through all stages of transportation.” For Mazzantini, what has been built is “a vast ‘network’ where we are the ones who unite the nodes with professionalism, enabling movements smoothly between international markets thanks to a direct approach to all stakeholders, from carriers to customs officers through the importer.
We also offer a service related to the transportation of valuable or fragile goods, such as works of art or collections of fashion, which requires shrewdness, specific skills and assets.” And for the coming years, the direction to be taken for the CEO is clear: “We are working on the digitization of our systems, implementing software dedicated to external communications to simplify work and ensure maximum transparency to the customer. Thanks to the reserved area, everyone will be able to know in real time the situation of their shipment.”

General Manager Michael Cagnoni emphasizes the values that hold up the company: “I would like them to choose us for our values: we try to elevate maximum our employees. It means empowering them to take pride in of the environment where they work, and this is reflected in the way we work, on the customers who choose us and on our suppliers. Not surprisingly, we have 100 percent success rate in the services performed for our clients. The work increases because we offer quality.” He adds, “I don’t think of the company as a family. I see it more like a team where everyone has to overcome their limits. I come from the world of rugby and I would like to use the values of sports also in work: loyalty, respect, sacrifice, all values that I try to transfer to our workers.
Consequently, our ours is a horizontal structure, where we walk alongside each other, as an “army” that has to fight in an area where competition is very high. And we want to stand out.” To do so, “we have built from scratch a visionary business model and ecaceous, transforming a business made of bureaucracies, bubbles and authorizations into a vast network of support, listening and enhancement
of human human capital. But we have never rested on physiological market growths, instead claiming our uniqueness in the world.” “The big ones we are making on people –
Cagnoni concludes, speaking about the future of the company – In 2020-2021 we were seven people, now instead we expect that in 2024 we will be 24. Because alone alone we go faster, but together we go farther.”

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